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++ Updated December 27, 2013

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New Ricochet Dream label releases:
Wladek Chronowizor CDr Q2 Asteroid CDr Analog Overdose - Applebaum Nebula CD
Wladyslaw Komendarek
Released 15 May 2013
CDr $14.95
Released 13 May 2013
CDr $14.95
Fanger & Schonwalder
with Matt Howarth (PDF comic book on CD)
Analog Overdose
In the Applebaum Nebula
Released 28 Dec 2013
LTD 500 CD $22.95
Wadephul Berlin CD Polaris & Horn Collision CD Ricochet Gathering Croatia 2009 DVDr
(Ralf Wadephul Ex-Tangerine Dream)
Ich Bin Ein Berliner
Live at Ricochet Gathering Berlin
Released 12 Dec 2012
CDr $17.95
Polaris & Krzysztof Horn
Live at Ricochet Gathering Berlin
Released 8 Sep 2011
CD $16.95
Ricochet Gathering
Croatia 2009
Released 23 Aug 2011
LTD DVDr $18.95
    UPCOMNG RELEASES and Planned Projects:
  • Augenstern with Margot Anand (Steve Schroyder Ex-Tangerine Dream) - SkyDancing (Jan 2014)
  • Ricochet Gathering - Croatia 2009 Demo Sessions (Feb 2014)
  • Komendarek - Vade Mecum for Your Girl (Spring 2014)
  • More planned but too soon to announce...
    NEW ITEMS in stock:
  • Loom (Schmoelling/J. Froese/Waters) - The Tree Hates the Forest $21.95
  • Tangerine Dream - Franz Kafka The Castle CD $19.95
  • Tangerine Dream - Booster VI 2CD $21.95
  • Tangerine Dream - Lost In Strings 2CD $21.95
  • Tangerine Dream - One Night In Africa CD $19.95
  • Tangerine Dream - Starmus Sonic Universe with Brian May 2CD $21.95
  • Tangerine Dream - Cruise to Destiny $17.95

Ricochet Gathering Croatia 2009 - Theme: Underwater Sunlight May 23-30, 2009 has Happened!
The 4CDr Croatia 2009 Demo Sessions release is in the works!
Past Gatherings
Ricochet Gathering Berlin 2010 4-Day Berlin School Electronic Music Festival Oct. 15-18 has Happened!
Links to photos and video coming very soon.

Selection of Ricochet Dream Releases you can purchase on Discogs.com:
EMtv & Yellowstone 2007 DVD Lemonchill - Sleeping With Giants Remixes CD Dave Brewer Oke Piano Solos CDr + Mystery track
Ricochet Dream EMtv &
Yellowstone 2007
Released 17 Oct 2010
Official DVD $16.95
Lemonchill Remixes
Sleeping With Giants
w/Steve Baltes Remix (Ashra)
Released 30 Sep 2010
CD $14.95
Dave Brewer
Piano Solo at the Edge of
the Swamp of Okefenokee
Released 15 Oct 2010
LTD EP 50 CDr $10
The Electric Golem CD Spyra - No Beats for 1 Hour CD
The Electric Golem
Trevor Pinch &
James Spitznagel
Released 11 Dec 2010
LTD 300 CD $18
No Beats for 1 Hour
Released 12 Dec 2010
LTD 300 CD $20
Conrad Schnitzler Minced Valves CD Okefenokee 2001 CD AirSculpture Before the Moon CD
Conrad Schnitzler
w/Steve Schroyder
Minced Valves
Released 23 Sep 2010
LTD 300 CD $18
Ricochet Gathering
Okefenokee 2001
w/AirSculpture & FSP
Released 16 Oct 2010
LTD 300 CD $18
Before The Moon
Live at Gomera 2005
Released 9 Oct 2010
LTD 300 CD $18

Spyra Sequest CD Spyra ADSR Remixes CD Daniel Bloom - Event Horizon CD
Spyra / Lang
Released 15 May 2010
LTD CD $18
ADSR Remixes
w/Steve Baltes of Ashra
Released 08 May 2010
LTD 500 CD $10.95
Daniel Bloom
Event Horizon
Released 30 Apr 2010
CD $18
Great EM from Poland

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I can also special order items offered on the following labels:
Eastgate, SynGate, Manikin, Groove, Spheric, Cue-Records, Fax, Neu Harmony, Acoustic Wave, Viktoria Park, Membran & Mellow Jet.

Ricochet Dream Label Information

More Ricochet Dream Label Releases:
Elektrik Cowboys CD Picture Palace Music - Cirriculum Vitae 1 CD Jerome Froese - Speed of Snow EP CD Lemonchill - Sentant CD
Rainbow Serpent /
Fanger & Schönwälder
Elektrik Cowboys
LTD CD $18
Released July 7, 2009
Picture Palace Music
Curriculum Vitae I - The Aside Ones
Thorsten Quaeschning
Released June 11, 2009
LTD 1000 CD $18
Jerome Froese
The Speed of Snow EP
Released June 2, 2009
New exclusive 3-track EP
LTD 1000 CD $13.95
Lemonchill - Sentant
Great chillout artist from Israel
CD $16.99
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Ideation - Adrift CD Syndromeda - The Twilight Conjuction CD Jeffrey Koepper - Radiate CD Polaris - Background Stories CD
Ideation is:
Pete Ruczynski (AirSculpture)
Paul Nagle (Binar)
Released: 3/3/09
LTD 300 CD $19
The Twilight Conjunction
Released 2/10/09
One of his Greatest Efforts
LTD 300 CD $19
Jeffrey Koepper
Released 2/11/09
Live at The Gatherings concert.
CD $18
Polaris (from Poland)
Background Stories
LTD 300 CD $19
Released 11/09/08
Conrad Schnitzler - Rektifikation CD Manuel Goettsching - New Age of Earth CD Ricochet Gathering - Trilogy CD
Conrad Schnitzler
Part 2 of Conviction CD
Released 10/31/08
LTD 300 CD $19
Manuel Goettsching (Ashra)
New Age of Earth
On Imperial Teutonic Sublabel
LTD 1000 CD $18
Ricochet Gathering
Trilogy (2005, 2006, 2007)
Skrzek, Schroyder & Lawler
CD $18
Released 9/27/08

Ricochet Gathering Demo Series (2005-2007) - Get all 3 for $125 (You get about 16 hours of EM in a style all it's own):
Ricochet Gathering Yellowstone 2007 4CDr Demo Ricochet Gathering Rubycon 4CDr Demo RG Gomera 4CDR Demo
Ricochet Gathering
Yellowstone 2007 Demo
LTD 4CDr $45
Released 2/11/08
Ricochet Gathering
Rubycon 2006 Demo
LTD 77 4CDr $45
Released 3/31/08
Ricochet Gathering
Gomera 2005 Demo
LTD 77 4CDr $45

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